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 Why not become a working member? 

Put quite simply, we wouldn't be able to enjoy the sight and sounds of our locomotives without the blood, sweat, tears and laughter that is as a volunteer working member.  

It's not all sweat and toil...... the working members can usually find a moment or two to unwind.

Spare engine undergoing early stages of bebuild. This will be a two/three year project for the team at Bridgnorth - between keeping '62 in service, and the heavy overhaul of D1013.

John and Derek getting to grips with a sprucing up job on '62 as she 'd prepared for another summer turn.

Well earned tucker, Jeff!

D1013 required quite a fabrication job in 2014...... but just look at that workmanship! And if you think that's good, wait 'til you see the electrical rewire work! 

Wotz on the bench?

NOTE: To be eligible for joining as a working members of the WLA it is mandatory to also be a member of the Severn Valley Railway.

UXB discovered under Western! The air-tank disposal team ponder what to do next...........

On last week's workbench ...............................

Cylinderheads - Valve caps sorting and testing

Roger and Jack find themselves marooned between duties....... "Whatever shall we do.....?" 

More air tanks for pressure testing - still, once done, it should be another 10 years of trouble free running! If only it were so simple.....

Upkeep of the infrastructure is also needed of course, and the overhead gets an Autumn repaint and soem much needed t.l.c.