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Severn Valley Railway 2016 Diesel Gala

Severn Valley Railway 2015 Diesel Gala

"THOUSANDS ATTEND RAILWAY GALA" - And not just D1013 (Static), D1015 and D1062 putting in appearances - you attended in your thousands (well over 3,000 visitors!) helping to make this a special Gala indeed. Excellent running and full itinery filled by both resident and guest locomotives. 

You only need take a quick look at the social media messages regarding this year's event to realise that it was something special.

"Awesome!", "Great line-up" ,"Fantastic days in the sun!","I'm in majestic Maybach heaven" - just some of the comments being banded around.

Take a look at some of the action, with special thanks to our contributors as credited.

Our first selection are kindly provided by our good friend Brian Battersby - Classic traction in action.                                             Copyright B Battersby