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Check the Agenda........ right.

Use your vote wisely......

Diesel Enthusiasts Gala

Our diesel gala moves to a new late springtime spot - pre-book & save

22/11/15 - Working this weekend on the injector test rig whilst Courier and Ranger basked in the late Autumn sunshine..... Brrr -2 deg outside!

Today we dismantled the oil pump which steadfastly refused to draw lube to feed the rig.......

Pump stripped, rebuilt and refitted......... testing next weekend abw.

Rocol covered and protected for another 5 yrs.

07/11/15 - 2015 WLA - AGM

An enjoyable and eventful AGM was successfully negotiated earlier today. The day will be memorable with the confirmed appointment of new Chairman, Darren Shelmerdine, but also marked the end of an era with previous Chairman, Roger Smith (11 years), and long standing Editor and Publications Officer Steve Draper (26 years) both handing over their batons following long and successful periods in office with the Association. We extend our thanks to both for the sterling service to the cause, and votes of thanks were appropriately recorded. For Steve, his final Western Courier magazine proved to be his 74th - one for each member of the class, and a most appropriate number as many will agree. 

Details of the Officer's reports will follow in the Winter edition of your Western Courier Magazine, along with some exciting news around anniversary celebrations in 2016! Watch this space - more details shortly.


The WLA Xmas Dinner will be on Saturday, 12th December 2015 at approx. 7.45pm at The Brasserie, 77 High Street, Bridgnorth, WV16 4DX (Tel 01746-7668870). Pre-dinner drinks at The Ralwaymans Arms at 7.00pm.

Notice of The 2015

Annual General Meeting

The 2015 AGM will be held at the Birmingham and Midland Institute, Margaret Street, Birmingham on Saturday, 7 November 2015 at 1.00pm. We will be using the John Peek Room.


  • Apologies for absence (Please forward to the Secretary by post or email at [email protected])
  • Minutes of the 2014 Annual General Meeting. (Published in the latest Western Courier magazine)
  • Matters arising. (Please forward any items to the Secretary)
  • Chairman’s Report by Roger Smith.
  • Officers reports.
  • Election of Officers. Please send any nominations to the secretary.
  • Any other business - to include fund raising activities and discussion on membership fee.
  • Dates of 2016 meetings and 2016 AGM.

This venue is only a short walk from New Street and Snow Hill stations and there is ample parking above Snow Hill in the Livery Street car park. The AGM will hopefully be followed by our usual film and/or slide show. Hope to see you all there.

18/10/12 - So, Saturday's working party did a great job of preparing '62 for her winter hibernation, albeit that it will be short lived this year as there's no time to sleep! We've got to crack on with the extensive schedule of work..... starting with the air tanks...... Hello? What's this - they're already out! Saturday's shift managed to remove them all, and here are some (the big ones) lined up for removal on the end couplings and then ready for the testing over the coming weeks. Very well done to all involved. Believe it or not, there are some 14 tanks involved, of various sizes, as the Swindon design team seemed to squeeze a tank into every available space!

The Sunday shift faced an uphill struggle from the start, needing to replace a 10m length of leaking air-hose from the main reservoir by the boiler-shop. That done, it was more grief as we discovered that the anti-freeze reserve was at an all time low.... An emergency trip to the Tesco's garage (Ed. Oi! Watch that advertising!) produced a miserly 4 litres which were added to the meager reserves. However, with his new magical dipstick thingy measuring whatsit in hand, Mr Jackson declared we had achieved a critical anti-freeze fluid density, with just enough to do both engines. After we nearly right royally screwed things up by putting anti-freeze into the "pink" nipple (It's the blue one you idiot!), the remainder of the exercise passed off without further incident.

Then our thoughts turned to the missing bolts required to fix the flywheel to the spare engine. That meant a trip to the rear containers and, after removing a particularly large obstructing vehicle, we discovered that....... our electricity supply to the containers has been severed! (And no, it wasn't that we hadn't put the fuse in, Jack!). Sorry to report, we've been ex-electicitified. A complaint has been lodged in the strongest terms, and normal service will be restored.... don't hold your breath!

Finally, the day was completed with some sorting of just the odd 500 or so valve caps into their various manufacturers (B.R. and Maybach) and sizes (03 through to 7). We also changes a couple of these in the latest cylinder-head to undergo the Jackson-Killick-Allcroft treatment, with the Dial Test Indicator giving a rewarding reading for the picture (we'll gloss over the others!).

We then retired for a well earned rest....... next weekend it's doing it all over again but this time for D1013, plus - No.8 axlebearing examination and grease sample!

12/10/15 - The 2016 SVR Diesel Gala will take place from Thurs 19th - Sat 21st May. Visiting loco's to be confirmed in due course, and the home fleet will of course be in action. There might be some exciting changes to the format for this event, so watch this space!

Also pleasing to note the progress with the contracted paint job on the crane.... lovely stuff!

10/10/15 - Joint Committee and Working Members Meeting held at Kidderminster.

10/10/15 - Focus for the working members over the next two weekends will be D1062 B End pre-heater, pit inspection, oil and grease sampling and inspection, and preliminary work for air systems pressure checks alongside D1013's which are being prepared for testing, certification and return to the loco.

09/10/15 - Following on from the very successful 2015 Gala, we won't have to wait quite so long before we get the opportunity to enjoy SVR diesel thrash once again as the event is being moved forwards to May 2015.