Welcome to the 

Owners and operators of two CLASS 52 DIESEL HYDRAULIC LOCOMOTIVES on the 
Severn Valley Railway.


Membership and Renewal can be completed either Online using Paypal (see below), 

or by Post.

Please forward your details in line with the online form below, together with your remittance and a stamped addressed envelope to:

Mr Paul Tucker , Membership Secretary (WLA), 4 Oaklawn Court, Barton Road, Torquay, South Devon TQ1 4EN


1)  The period of membership runs from 1st January to 31st December. NEW MEMBERS ONLY,       joining after 1st June can pay one half of the appropriate annual subscription for six months         membership to the following December.

2)  Cheques should be made payable to WESTERN LOCOMOTIVE ASSOCIATION LIMITED

     Please also note that no receipts will be issued unless payment is made in cash.

3)  Members and applicants under the age of 18 MUST use Postal Applications signed by                a parent or guardian and confirming the applicant's age.

Membership Form - Postal Applications - Download

2) Online Application - New Membership or Renewal 
         NOTE: Available only to persons aged 18 and above.

I wish to join the Western Locomotive Association and agree to be bound by the Articles of Association, pay the annual subscription, which applies at the time of my application or renewal and in the event of dissolution the sum of one pound.
Thank you for your membership application. REMEMBER you must now complete your online remittance using the Memberships Options in the Online Store.
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REMEMBER: On completion of the Online Application you must complete your remittance using the Membership options in the Online Store. For UK Adult, Family or Senior Memberships you may use the links below (But not Junior members who must complete postal applications as advised above - thank you).