Owners and operators of D1013 Western Ranger and D1062 Western Courier
 Class 52 Diesel Hydraulic Locomotives based on the Severn Valley Railway.

Not to be missed!

Drive a Western on the SVR!

Imagine sitting in the driving seat of a Western Class 52 diesel hydraulic? What about handling 2,700 bhp of with up to 72,000 lbs of pulling power? And what about being responsible for the awesome sound of the two 65 litre V12 Maybach MD655 engines as you haul a 200 tonnes passenger train?

If it’s a yes, then you need to book one of our Severn Valley Railway Driver Experience Courses. Included in the course is a tour of the engine room, demonstration of the start up procedure, a close watch on “second man” duties, the opportunity to drive as well as the opportunity to travel in the rear cab and an optional visit to one of the signal boxes.

The course price is £450 and the courses are extremely popular so you should book early to avoid disappointment. For full details details, timings etc. please see here