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Emergency Shafts Appeal.
Following the roll out of the "A" End Bogie on D1062 on 10th March 2018 an inspection of the Cardan Shafts was carried out. Unfortunately one of the shafts has excessive play in the splines and will need replacing before the Bogie is refitted. 
Sadly, the subsequent inspection of the "B" End bogie on 14th March has revealed another defective shaft which will also need replacement. The WLA are urgently seeking funds for replacements. If you are able to help then please donate through the link below, or by BACS payment to the account as stated to the right of this notice. Please don't forget to complete a Gift Aid declaration as appropriate - this really makes a significant difference to the value of your donation to us.


Ah, the infamous Western pre-heater.......

Those of you fortunate enough to have enjoyed the joys of preparation and start up an MD655 engine are unlikely to have done so without facing the trials and tribulations presented by the engines pre-heaters. Each locomotive has two, one for each engine, and located behind the cabs and immediately before the cooler groups. The function is to heat the circulated water around the engines to warm them prior to start-up. Whilst the MD655 can be cold-started, this is not recommended, and can significantly reduce service life or even damage the engine. Notorious amongst the crews of Westerns in both BR days and in preservation, the pre-heater remains an enigma - capable of dropping the early-doors preparation team in the poverbial with a steadfast refusal to ignite the fuel pot. However, even if the cursed thing does burst into life, the fun doesn't stop there, and there's many a poor boy (or girl) that can lay testament, and show off their wounds, from wrestling with this beast - with singed eyebrows aplenty. In an attempt to tame the beast (and with a secondary aim of maintaining the heath and beauty of the working members and locomotive crews.... ahem), we need to breath controlled life into a number of these tired and temperamental beasts, and so we are Appealing to you for funds to purchase five new fuel pumps. The Appeal aims to raise £2,500 over the next 6 months in order that the benefits can be derived in advance on the new hunting running season. For the sake of our working members, please give generously......... (Ed. It helps to have a new fire extinguisher on hand - that's on start-up, not for your kind donations, of course)

Winter Maintenance Appeal  Progress