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It is with regret that following inspections and a Test Run on Saturday, 10th August, D1062 has been withdrawn from traffic. Unfortunately during a routine inspection a fault was noted with "B" End Bogie which will require the loco to be lifted for further inspection and rectification. 

The WLA is already working on a plan to carry out the work and return D1062 back to running condition as soon as it can, although at this this stage the WLA is not able to commit to any timescales for the completion of this work.

We will update where and when we can.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and support.


The WLA 2019 Raffles Winners were as follows:

Winner            Prize                                      Ticket number 

David Fowles Footplate Experience              1105 

Jeremy Kirk    Footplate Experience             1636 

S Redman      Dapol Model Western             1201 

Steve Knight   £100 WLA voucher                0566 

J B Turner      Footplate Ride                        0536 

M Eyre           Two SVR first class tickets      0837 

Tim Langley    £50 WLA voucher                  1172

Thanks for your continuing support

RUNNING DAYS 2019   *** UPDATED 26/06/2019 ***

Friday 12th July. BN-KR (LE Transit)

Monday 15th July. “A” Timetable.            Cancelled

Tuesday 16th July. “A” Timetable.            Cancelled

Wednesday 17th July. Driver Experience. (Private)  - Postponed

Thursday 18th July. “A” Timetable.          

Friday 19th July. “A” Timetable.

Saturday 20th July. “B” Timetable.           

Saturday 20th July. Evening Scenic.        Additional 

Sunday 21st July. Driver Experience.      

Monday 22nd July. Driver Experience.   

Tuesday 23rd July. KR-BH (LE Transit)      Postponed

Sunday 28th July. Driver Experience     Postponed - Loco out of traffic.  

Monday 29th July. KR-BN (LE Transit)    Additional

Sunday 25th August. BH-KR (LE Transit)   Cancelled

Monday 26th August. “B” Timetable.      Cancelled

Saturday 31st August. Evening Scenic.     Cancelled

Sunday 1st September. On the buses event        Cancelled

Monday 2nd September. “A” Timetable.              Cancelled

Tuesday 3rd September. “A” Timetable.              Cancelled  

Wednesday 4th September. “A” Timetable.        Cancelled

Thursday 5th September. “A” Timetable.              Cancelled

Friday 6th September. “A” Timetable.              Cancelled

Saturday 7th September. “B” Timetable.               Cancelled

Saturday 7th September. Evening Scenic.          Cancelled    

Sunday 8th September. Driver Experience.          Cancelled

Monday 9th September. Driver Experience.        Cancelled

Friday 13th September. Driver Experience.          Cancelled

Monday 16th September. Driver Experience. (Private)   Cancelled

Tuesday 17th September. “A” Timetable.             Cancelled

Wednesday 18th September. “A” Timetable.      Cancelled

Monday 23rd September. KR-BH (LE Transit)    tba

Thursday 3rd - 5th October.    Autumn Gala         tba

Sunday 20th October. Driver Experience (Private)    tba

Saturday 26th October.  GHOST TRAINS          tba

Further operating days will be confirmed when details are known, and can be found on the WLA www.westernlocomotives.co.uk and SVR website www.svr.co.uk

WLA Sales Team

The Sales Team's next event is at the Gloucester Warwickshire Railway Heritage Diesel Gala on 26th to 28th July.

Green polo shirts will be available alongside the traditional blue and maroon and new items such as 40 years on the SVR prints, coasters and Laira (84A) shedplates.

We shall be back home at the SVR Autumn Diesel gala on 3rd to 5th October.

New items have been added to the on-line store - please have a look.

LOCO Current Status

D1062 is at Bridgnorth after performing on her May/June rostered turns and will be back at work in July.

D1013 is in the Kidderminster shed receiving further attention  as part of her ongoing overhaul.


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40 Years on The SVR with D1013 and D1062
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D1054 - Courtesy of Chris Nuthall "down under" - lovely shot!

Sorry to say that Driver Footplate Experiences on Class 52's for 2019 are sold out. 2019 dates will be published in the Spring. SVR website gives  full details and there are still places for other locos available for this year: 


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Why we're here........

The “Westerns” were always a little special, ever since their inception in 1961, and were the final development of the Western Region diesels using hydraulic transmission. Other regions based their designs on electric transmissions utilising large medium-speed diesel engines. The “Westerns” married superb bodywork styling and German-designed high-speed Maybach engines and Voith transmissions to produce a locomotive that was extremely powerful and considerably lighter than an equivalent diesel-electric.

A decision to rationalise the diesel locomotive types on British Rail marked the beginning of the end for the diesel-hydraulics. The “Westerns” were the last survivors and struggled on magnificently despite their neglected state until the final locomotives were withdrawn in February 1977.

With their impressive design, awesome engine sound and cast name and number plates, the “Westerns” had many marks of distinction. All 74 “Westerns” were named, proud names such as “Western Glory”, “Western Thunderer” and “Western Crusader”, and these endeared them to enthusiasts who saw them as the last sign of the spirit and traditions of the Great Western Railway.

The demise of the mighty “Westerns” evoked a fanatical following, the like of which had not been seen since the end of steam traction, and this led to the early efforts of the W.L.A. to preserve an example of the class. The results of these efforts, “Western Courier” and “Western Ranger”, can be seen on the Severn Valley Railway today.

ABOVE: D1009 WESTERN INVADER takes a breather at Reading with the Burngullow-Sittinbourne china clay slurries (the "Clay-freighter" air-braked stock) bound for the Bowater paper plant on 23rd August 1976.

At Reading again is D1054 WESTERN GOVERNOR believed to be returning to Laira for attention on one engine only 23rd October 1976. If anyone has any information on D1054's workings around this date then please contact the Editor at [email protected]