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Owners and operators of 2 x CLASS 52 DIESEL HYDRAULIC LOCOMOTIVES on the 
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Upcoming Events

Peep behind the scenes weekend at SVR 15/07/2017

We'll have the sales stand at Kidderminster, and D1062 will be on display and undergoing maintenance on the turntable.

See you there!



A VERY BIG THANK YOU to ALL who supported us over the SVR Diesel Gala & helped to make it a very successful event for us. 
The winning Raffle Tickets, independently verified by a member of the "Royal Scots Grey" Support Group (with many thanks) are as follows:
Footplate Experience Raffle.
1st Prize: Ticket No 0283.
2nd Prize: Ticket No 0301.
3rd Prize: Ticket No 0294.
Cab Ride Raffle.
Winning Ticket No 0045.
Congratulations to you all.

Thanks to the Huddersfield Railway Modellers with their support in bringing "Bridge Norton" to the Diesel Gala and raising funds with a different kind of "driver experience" affording no fewer than five diesel hydraulic types!

NOTE : We can now take payment by credit/debit  card on sales items at the Sales Stand at events! 

Just a quick note about Gift-Aid!

We're in the process of recovering the Gift-Aid monies from HMRC at present, and the exercise has served to remind us of the importance of ensuring your Gift Aid declarations are completed fully on the Membership/Donation Forms whether online or paper copies. Incomplete forms may prevent us recovering hundreds of pounds ....... precious funds when our running costs are only going one way. Please remember to fully complete your form, and send it through where Gift Aid can be claimed. It matters! Many thanks for your support.


D1062 Running Days for 2017

The timetabled running and Driver Experience days for D1062 are now confirmed (subject to availability) as below and are available as a download .pdf here.

NEW in the OnLine Store. 

Western Key Racks 

Made from mild steel & measuring just under 300mm with 6 key hooks. £25.00 including postage in the U.K.

Dapol OO Special Edition D1013

Get your Limited Edition OO Gauge model of D1013. Just 159.99 - available from the Online Store!

PLEASE NOTE - We're SOLD OUT of the 25 Limited Edition Red-backed plate models. HOWEVER, if you DO wish to purchase a red-plate version of D1013 then we can provide this, sadly no longer packaged as the special Limited Edition model - but still the same high quality model and finish!

And don't forget we still have Limited Edition black-backed plate models available!

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D1054 - Courtesy of Chris Nuthall "down under" - lovely shot!

Awaiting dates for the 2017 Driver Footplate Experiences with D1062.

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Why we're here........

The “Westerns” were always a little special, ever since their inception in 1961, and were the final development of the Western Region diesels using hydraulic transmission. Other regions based their designs on electric transmissions utilising large medium-speed diesel engines. The “Westerns” married superb bodywork styling and German-designed high-speed Maybach engines and Voith transmissions to produce a locomotive that was extremely powerful and considerably lighter than an equivalent diesel-electric.

A decision to rationalise the diesel locomotive types on British Rail marked the beginning of the end for the diesel-hydraulics. The “Westerns” were the last survivors and struggled on magnificently despite their neglected state until the final locomotives were withdrawn in February 1977.

With their impressive design, awesome engine sound and cast name and number plates, the “Westerns” had many marks of distinction. All 74 “Westerns” were named, proud names such as “Western Glory”, “Western Thunderer” and “Western Crusader”, and these endeared them to enthusiasts who saw them as the last sign of the spirit and traditions of the Great Western Railway.

The demise of the mighty “Westerns” evoked a fanatical following, the like of which had not been seen since the end of steam traction, and this led to the early efforts of the W.L.A. to preserve an example of the class. The results of these efforts, “Western Courier” and “Western Ranger”, can be seen on the Severn Valley Railway today.